The well known and loved Just Joey Guest House situated on Erf 1197
Stellenbosch, at the corner of Noordwal West and Helderberg Streets changed
hands in 2018. The new owners applied for permission to add a second dwelling,
two storeys in height, north of the guest house. This proposal was supported, and
plans approved. Many people, however, became alarmed when construction of an
illegal third storey on the new building commenced. Following representations to the
Municipality, construction of the third storey was stopped, but the illegal work was
not demolished. The owner then submitted new plans to Heritage Western Cape
(HWC) and the Municipality for approval of a three storey building. This application
has been opposed by the Stellenbosch Interest Group (SIG). See letter dated 31
March 2020 below for more detail.
HWC has yet to decide on the application and on 12 June 2020 resolved to
undertake a site inspection before doing so. The Stellenbosch Ratepayers
Association (SRA) fully supports the SIG in its opposition to permitting a three storey
building on this site.

For additional information see this commentary from the Stellenbosch Interest Group

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