Presence of statutory disqualifying factors against approval of building plans

Local government Presence of statutory disqualifying factors against approval of building plans: Section 7(1) of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977 (the Act) has two parts. In the first part s 7(1)(a) provides that if a local authority, having considered a recommendation by the local building control officer, is satisfied that Read More


Publication Date:06/01/2018 04:15:10 –  Banking Association of South Africa There is a common misconception that building plans are needed only prior to the construction of a new home. Homeowners often overlook the fact that many alterations and improvements made to their home also require a building plan, which must be approved by the relevant municipality. Read More

Compare the comprehensive Public Participation Manual of the EPA (USA) to our own

Here you will find a comprehensive public participation manual, which may be good guide on how to administer our own public participation processes:  These are our own local policies that are relevant to public participation: Lawmaker Public Participation Policy: Western Cape Policy on Public Participation: link: Public Service Commission: Template for Creating Public Participation Policies: Read More

Lower Dorp Street widening

Approval has been granted by Heritage Western Cape in 2015 (see the document here:  The plan can be viewed here: ) What is your opinion, should this be done?